About Us

Lunera Dreams is a small shop located in Hackensack, New Jersey in a home studio office that was created by Sandra. During her second pregnancy, Sandra created Lunera Dreams as a dream catcher shop. During this time of her life, she enjoyed working at home while being able to stay at home with her 2 sons.

Over the years, Lunera Dreams has transformed into a LLC crystal boutique that creates handmade essential oil candles, provides natural crystals, jewelry, and handmade crystal decor.

Sandra has a beautiful family in which includes her fiance, two sons, and two huskies. She graduated from Felician University as a graphic designer in which time to time you will see infographics and graphic art made by her in the shop. On her own free time she loves to explore, paint, and read about ancient civilizations, biblical history and mysteries, and also marine biology.